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Not Lucky

Simply Blessed.

A daily challenge to live presently

This is being created a space to grab a cup of coffee and connect with a friend. To come as you are and get that encourgement and perspective change that your heart and soul are craving. That reminder that what is happening in your life right now ... the good, the bad, the what feels like nothing... is not happening hap-hazardly but for a reason and on purpose - and you are not alone. 


That those Lucky moments have nothing to do with Luck - they are truly Blessings. This message being shared as you are encouraged to strive to live presenly - connecting with the loved ones in your life, your community here and in your neighborhood - as we all realize we are doing the best we can.

Thank you for showing up here - and for your time. It is my prayer you feel lighter and not alone when you leave this little corner of the internet

Cheers Girl -



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