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Hello, Welcome to Not Lucky Simply Blessed

We all find ourselves in moments of need when we wish we could pop over to a friends couch,or stop by at our parents, or have that cup of tea with our loving grandparents. We crave that perspective that gut check - that conversations with them always seem to provide. We leave those moments having felt seen, heard, less alone, and our moods are lifted.

I have been lucky - nope not lucky - but simply blessed with some incredible people in my life

who when called upcon can remind me who I am.

They embody the message that what is happening in our life is not luck but rather blessings.

Sometimes the circumstances we find ourselves in are challenging, frustrating, often unseen by our own eyes - but when we stop to take the time to share our life our joys and struggles with others - our own limited perspective broaden - it becomes clear - that these moments are often blessings in disquise.

I strive every day to be connected to this truth that I am "Not Lucky, Simply Blessed."

Tiffany Frederick


Mother of three littles 5 and under living in Leesburg, Virginia with her loving husband and their goofy dog. As a work from home Mom running her own real estate business and now homeschooling preschool hands are full. However, she often finds herself striving for balance realizing the more presently she lives the more she recognizes the blessings that each day brings. 

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