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A Letter to Time - Love A Mom Trying to Slow You Down

Dear Time:

Good morning - I have been wanting to ask you a question for quite awhile … Where are you going in such a rush?

It seems every moment you are already jumping on to the next. Recently, I have been feeling like I am constantly chasing you around like I do my darling little girl … who by the way is going to be two next month and I can hardly believe it! She is at this incredible age where I can see the wheels in her mind making connections, she is expressing her world to me through words, almost words, and her adorable over the top storytelling gestures that use every inch of energy and herself.

Can’t we just slow down for a bit? Take a break to catch our breath, look around at the world around us flying by and just be in a moment for awhile? It sounds nice doesn’t it? Let’s let her just be like this for awhile so I can soak her up and get to be with this vibrant little personality discovering the world.

Life comes at us all so fast that the moment we wake up, our eyes open and our feet hit the ground it feels like we are off to the races. Trying to beat our previous best times, our upcoming deadlines and due dates. Speaking of due dates - how can it be that my sweet baby number two is due to arrive in just under three months? It feelings like I am still processing the exciting news that we will be growing our family of three to four - and I have a long list of things to do. It would be a great help if you would let me catch up … maybe even give me some extra time to sit and feel the joy and wonder of this little one rolling all around.

Also - feel like I am not alone in these thoughts so the world would probably all appreciate it and send you the biggest Thank You ever!

Thanks, and Love -


(Just a Mom trying to Slow you Down)

Originally shared on on August 19th 2017

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