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Backyards Coming Alive in Isolation

Recently, we have all seen it life has slowed down. 

Coming to almost a complete halt. 

With calendars forced to be cleared. 

The change has shocked us. 

Stopped us dead in our tracks, asking what now? 

How do we get done all we need to but stay apart from all we are used to? 

It has been a few weeks now and you can see how adaptive and resilient we truly all are.

The beauty of this moment in time across our world is … that the backyard is being reclaimed by the families and neighborhoods are coming alive. 

Neighbors are meeting and reconnecting communicating for the first time. All the while keeping a safe distance. Yards are busy with family time, picnics, grilling out, tents and forts are popping up, and projects being completed.

Remembering as a culture how impactful a warm smile, wave and hello is as you pass by on a walk.

The kind remarks shared by a passer-by about the rainbow in the window or the kid’s cool chalk art on the driveway - takes but a moment to share but it warms the heart and makes their day.

Instead of staying quietly in your yard avoiding at all cost eye contact with your neighbor - we are starting to become like Wilson, from Home Improvement, “Hi-do-ho Neighbor!” Peaking over waiving and smiling with enthusiasm.

Asking the questions of “Hey how are you all doing?” and really meaning it. 

Wanting to listen to the answer and help each other get through this time ... this day. 

Reaching out to an elderly neighbor leaving a note with your number in case they need anything or a painted rock or sign in their yard letting them know they are remembered and not alone.

We are both partaking-in and witnessing history in the making.

A resurge of what it means to be neighborly.

Let’s vow to never forget - when this is over to keep reaching out to one another and tokeep growing closer as a community. 

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