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What is the meaning we can take from all of this?

This is the most unfathomable situation that could ever happen. 

In our day to day lives - it was not predicted or something we could have prepared to handle better.

So it begs the question. 

What now? 

What is the meaning we can take from all of this? 

Because there will be an end to this - yes - all the isolation will end.

It will take time. It will look and feel very different than before. 

We will need to adjust to life after this experience, 

But the beauty is we can take the pieces of this isolation that provided a sign of relief, or a glimmer of joy, that realized longing heart and deep appreciation for missing what was - can be carried with us into this new future.

A reset of priorities. 

The removal of the rushing in our life. 

The simple joy of a slower moment. 

That reunited embrace with our parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends. 

That first shared meal with our people. 

The technology that kept us connected with face-to-face calls with family and friends we don't live near. 

The awe and gratefulness of fully stocked store shelves with multiple options.

To be thankful for our job - or for the new path presented to us to provide to our families. 

The desire to have real meaningful interactions - asking “how are you doing?” and really waiting for an answer.

The authenticity of sharing who we are and honestly revealing our personality and hearts when responding - no longer hiding our humor or fragility. 

The deep appreciation for the people who kept our community running - whom before we had started to interact with as though they weren't there. 

The time previously spent so quickly scrolling through the web reverted back to looking up from the screen and into the eyes of those around us strangers or friend.

At the end of this crisis, we have an opportunity to keep looking up. 

To look forward.  

To walk back into our lives with a deeper truer sense of community. 

To expand our connections with those around us- to build upon the renewed connections within our homes, our families, our friend circles, our neighborhoods, congregations, communities and beyond.

Let's make a choice - together - to come out of this as a truest version of ourselves and pursue who we were made to be for each other and this world.

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