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Wish List for Our Family & New Home

The morning before we moved into our new home in October 2019 I wrote out my wishes and hopes for our family life and home there. 🏠

Daily I want to...

Get our hands dirty.

Sing & dance together.

Watch the sunrise.

Read the daily devotionals alone or with the family getting our perspectives right.

Sit still and just be in the moment with a hot cup of coffee.

Laugh until my sides hurt.

Listen to the kiddos share their thoughts and stories.

Lay in the yard and take in the view of the sky through our trees.

Step outside for a deep breath of fresh air.

Take walks around the neighborhood.

Find “our new spot” in the historic downtown become regulars.

Keep my eyes open for the blessings scattered throughout the day.

Invest in our marriage and fall more in love through the little moments.

Give thanks for every meal.

In the first few months of getting settled in - we did some but not regularly.

Instead we got quickly swept up in the rythm of life and jumped right into the holidays.

However right now - we are finding the time - in this most unexpected season - to make all of the things above happen and reoccur daily so that they are becoming the new rhythm to our lives.

As complete reset that although I long for what we are missing from our day to day I am finding comfort in this new rythm of life.

I never want our souls to forget this beat and pace.

As it feels with the world and events twirling around us as crazy speeds that deep down ...

it is well with my soul.

These two 😍

Just digging in the dirt exploring the back yard together. One of my favorite sights to see.

#newnormal #lifeasweknowit #CovidKindess #family #NewHome #Motherhood

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